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          Normally, these documents are very comprehensive, covering numerous separate sections.
          6 percent in the fourth quarter from 6.
          Days of heavy rain caused the landslide in Dakuo Village of Zhijin County in the city of Bijie at around 4 a.
          Xi said the two sides should also increase coordination on global and regional issues in pursuit of the democratization of international relations and sustainable growth of the world economy.
          How do you view Chinas role in todays world?China has been attempting to play a constructive role as a global leader, accepting some of the responsibilities that come with that role.
          It was 10 years ago, and nowhere in China could he find anyone to teach men to do belly dance.
          The students wont have to worry about one point higher or lower anymore.
          The states ruling Congress party has been defending the duo, but sources said that party chief Sonia Gandhi on Saturday directed the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister to ask the two ministers to quit, a move seen as a major step to drop tainted ministers by the scandal-hit party, a year ahead of the general elections.
          In the same year, the United Nations added the group to its list of terrorists and terrorist supporters associated with Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaida network.
          So far we have not received those explanations, Lavrov added.
          The commission notified the couple of the amount of the fine at the end of December, according to the blog post.
          Due to the intensity of this earthquake, this tragedy has deepened and we have seen the destruction of many homes in the region, the deaths of 37 people and more than 850 injured, the governor of Bushehr province, Fereydoun Hassanvand, told Mehr news agency.
          9 billion yuan in the same year-ago period, according to calculations by Reuters based on its first quarter results.
          According to a Shanghai Municipal Education Commission development plan for the 2011-15 period, the city will establish a comprehensive scholarship system to encourage outstanding students to study in the city.
          Thats a relatively cheap meal, considering they also drank beer.
          A lot of people may say that this can only be achieved by a professional camera.
          With Alipay integrated into Sina Weibo, users on Sina Corps Twitter-like Weibo platform can connect their Alipay accounts with their Weibo accounts and buy items without having to log in.
          The Shenyang Cemetery for Revolutionary Martyrs was closed for preparatory work on Thursday.
          Another 22 cities saw month-on-month declines for existing homes, with Hangzhou dropping the most, by 0.
          The regulators also abolished some regulations on telecom service charges.
          The UN watchdog expressed concern because the Vatican has not acknowledged the extent of these crimes and has not taken the necessary measures to address the problem and protect children.
          The algae density increases as water temperature and salinity rise, and the outbreak may cause damage to fishery and aquaculture industries.
          Siemens Electronic Works Chengdu is the the German manufacturers first overseas model digital plant, featuring machines and products communicating with each other in real time and automated processes.
          A book about Peking Opera caught my eye, Wang recalls.
          In addition, tourists in China also used shared bikes more frequently during the holiday, which added convenience in urban areas and helped the environment.
          The herders will oversee 316,000 square kilometers of grasslands before the end of the year, said Gong Aiqi, a Qinghai Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry official.
          Beijing Mayor Wang Anshun promised citywide water conservation promotion efforts to limit wastefulness.
          54 trillion yuan and the local governments collected 1.
          She added that there should not be any valid security concerns in nuclear to block foreign investment.
          Could Paris be rat-free?Town Hall authorities unveiled an ambitious five-point plan that they vow will turn Paris into the worlds first rat-free city in little over 10 years from now.
          She grows rice, vegetables and roses, and feeds her sheep and poultry.
          Never before has a former president been subjected to such treatment, such an unleashing of hate, said Christian Estrosi, the mayor of Nice and an MP for Sarkozys UMP party.
          A Peoples Liberation Army soldier chops through a block of wood during a military drill.
          No gift packages were available.
          A two-day job fair, during which more than 2,000 employers offer over 50,000 job vacancies, started on Nov 20 in Nanjing, attracting many students who will graduate in 2016.
          He estimated that housing prices will be down by about 10 percent this year and noted that a housing bubble burst is unavoidable in third- and fourth-tier cities as well as some cities in central and western regions.
          Four Chinese characters, xi hu zhi sheng, or Voice of the West Lake.
          Contact the writers at zhaoshengnan@ and zhang_yi@.
          Fog, smog to blanket North, Central China Festival travelers battle heavy fog.
          According to the Hainan provincial civil affairs authorities, more than 1,000 boxes of food, including cakes, bread and biscuits, have been sent to Wenchang, the city where the typhoon made landfall on July 18.
          Chen Yan, Chinas first blind piano tuner, rides metro with her guide dog, Jenny, in Chengdu, Southwest Chinas Sichuan province, on Dec 11, 2013.
          The cases involved 51,306 people, 8.
          Sun Lijie also said the Chinese proposal for a Silk Road Economic Belt has been supported by Uzbek President Islam Karimov and the Uzbek society.
          Li said Beijings severe pollution in January offered a good chance for society to face the problem.
          The group has a feeling of insecurity and they want support and help from families and relatives.
          For instance, we provide more family programs, including kids activities, he said, adding that the hotel also takes advantage of the citys tourism status to attract customers.
          EB-5 was created to stimulate the US economy through job creation and capital investment.

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